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Tyson’s Fundraiser

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Please help me fundraise some fund to save my dog, my family member - Tyson.

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***‼️To all the pet lovers! Please help!‼️***

My dog Tyson started getting sick in May this year and we have done various tests and gone over various treatments, medication, nasal flushes, excluded number of issues with the local vets here.

However , the illness is progressing and the vet bills are already over $4000. It is heartbreaking to see him ill and I must take my dear Tyson to the CT scan in Christchurch to get to the bottom of it: so far it is narrowed down to either cancer or fungal infection.

His nostril has worsen so much in the last 7 days and I have no time to lose now.

There are no facilities in Queenstown that could perform this procedure. In some practices human medical facilities perform this scan however we have been refused the this possibility here with CT.

The cost of the procedure itself is $2200 and so far all the money I am making been going towards already existing accumulated bills... The treatment costs will follow on top once we have exact diagnosis...

I brought my dog from overseas 2 years ago to reunite with me in Mew Zealand. He is my family and I couldn’t be happier to have him by my side again. My mother, unfortunately, “got stuck” overseas in March and can’t come back here to be with us as we don’t fall under any visa exception categories. All of it has been causing a lot of stress to my family, my mom has been with our Tyson for 13 years, since he was a little puppy and now has to watch him decline in his health form afar and doing her best to help.

I have never been in a situation like this before but I am calling out to all the good people out there to please help!

Even $1 could make difference to my cause and help save my little dog!

Thank you all who took time to read this post!

Thank you all for the help and support, I pray he will live for a while longer and my mother will get to hold him once again ♥️

Use of funds

The only way to find out what is wrong with him is to undergo a CT scan in a different city, the cost of the scan itself if $2200 plus treatment that will depend on the diagnosis. Anything raised extra I will donate back to pets in need. Thank you!

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Back Home  19 September 2020

Posted by: Vera Shlapatckaia

After an exhausting trip to Christchurch and number of biopsies, tests and surgical procedures we finally came back home, a week later.

Tyson is currently recovering but it is a long way to go. We are still expecting some test results back which will impact medication to be prescribed.

The vets had to shave his head for the medical flush and drill 2 holes at the top of his nose... I hope all of it was worth it.

Fingers crossed we can fight this off.

Overall Tyson is feeling not too bad, he has a healthy appetite and generally in a good mood, excited to go for walks and resting a lot.

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Claire K
Claire K 3 days ago
Annysha 5 days ago
sending love x
Sam 5 days ago
Shannon 5 days ago
Good luck
Guest Donor
Guest Donor 5 days ago
All the best Tyson. Will send more when I get paid next week xox

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