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Unfairly been taken from life!!

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Help towards my daughter after I've been robbed of life so soon and fast with Leukemia 🥺

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I'm finding this hard to write but here goes,

I wish to hopefully raise funds to be able to go somewhere nice with my daughter and if so lucky to have any left go towards my funeral costs for my only daughter.

4weeks ago I was diagnosed with Acute Myloid Lukema after having healthy results in March,

I've had the first hard round of Kemo with 50% lukema still in my marrow which is not good at All.

I was told yesterday at present I have 3weeks left and with a heavy round of Kemo 2 possibly 3 months to live 🥺😢

It's not fair and I'm stumped, I'm being robbed of seeing my beautiful only daughter grow and flourish in her life, Also my two fur babies who have been my life companions the last 7yrs, SSO much to sort with so little time to sort for passing to my girl , I was not prepared for this,

Anyone kind enough to help to my cause I thank with so much heart and love from me as it's my girl I feel I'm going to let down by not have built enuf of a legacy to pass on to her, I had so much intended and started to build up so she would receive to then not have the worry of the struggles we have in this hard to succeed in NZ life, I've done life on my own since 15 and have insured so far my girl hasn't had to, She is shuck a loving and generous polite well mannered young independent women I'm so proud of that she has filled my heart and others for the 21yrs of her life, THIS IS SO UNFAIR AND SAD FOR A LOVING CHILD TO ENDURE SO YOUNG

So much love to anyone kind enough to help my cause for her 🥰💞💞

Use of funds

If lucky for enough I'd love to go away somewhere nice for the last special time with my Girl

Should there be any leftover it would go to her for my funeral costs and maybe lawyer cost to executive the sale of my life items for her

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Come on NZ GOVT!!  31 August 2019

There’s a clinic overseas called “Oasis Of Hope” that reviewed my situation and sent me a treatment that would garentee cure over 5yrs, sadly it’s $55kUSD and not govt funded or even reasearched for NZ, Come on NZ get with the world!!

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  • Parihaka

    Parihaka on 05 Sep 2019


    I heard you were sick bro but seeing this totally broke my heart sending all my love to you and jen love you brother 😢


  • david

    david on 01 Sep 2019


    was there myself twenty years ago. i got lucky and survived. God be with you my brother.


  • Angela

    Angela on 27 Aug 2019



  • David

    David on 26 Aug 2019


    not much I know but every little bit adds to the special moments I hope like hell you'll have with your girl....God bless you on your journey good friend......


  • Dani

    Dani on 26 Aug 2019



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$2,640 donated

Given by 66 generous donors in 4 weeks

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