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Whangarei Cat Rescue! - Updates - Givealittle

  • New Arrivals to our Kitten Nursery     21 February 2019
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    Last night I celebrated after weeks of working my way through a wait list of kittens we had lined up to come into our shelter. This morning I secured the arrival of the first 5 of 7 kittens. Luckily I am well used to never ending kitty cases because these bubs certainly need flea and worm treatments before they die of anemia.

    With each donation we receive we order more flea treatments, more worm pills, more pet milk, more kitten biscuits and wet food, more litter, and the list goes on.

    Many supplies, many volunteers and many supporters make for an amazing no-kill shelter. Thank you for your support!

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  • Two Months In!      30 June 2018
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    Wow we got a lot done in our first two months!

    We haven't kept a number tally but we sure do post a lot of photos on our Facebook page of all newcomers, current fluffs and long term fosters.

    With your support we have kept each belly full, we have stocked up on medications for kittens who have arrived knocking on death's door, we have stocked up on bedding to beat the cold on their little boney bodies, we have done a lot!

    So thank you once again to each of you who visit and donate to our shelter, no cat will be left behind in our mission!

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  • Meet Beemer!      28 April 2018
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    Little Beemer and a sibling named Corona ( named for hiding under a BMW car and arriving to me in a Corona beer box ) came to me very early one morning. Bone thin, riddled with fleas and knocking on deaths door, these kittens faced a very uncertain future.

    Unfortunately for me, I got very emotionally involved in their survival which isn't smart for an animal rescuer. But luckily, these two not only survived, but they are now in Auckland under another charity and are starting to look like very small but healthy kittens, not skeletons with eyes and fleas.

    With your support I can continue to be a short stay rehab centre for kittens that would otherwise have no future at all, so thank you. Thank you.

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