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Youth Search and Rescue Learning Management System

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YSAR NZ is transitioning to a new Learning Management System CANVAS by Instructure. We need your help for design and setup - $10000 target

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We are a world leading youth education provider.  Our Search and Rescue and Emergency Management programme is delivered with a focus on innovation and technology.


YSAR is expanding into other regions in New Zealand. But to do this we need your help to raise money for second stage of our integrated Learning Management System.

Stage one (2017) - YSAR was successful in a funding application to upgrade our training material to NZQA standards.

Stage two - We now need to transition these training resources into our new Learning Management System CANVAS. This will allow YSAR groups the best possible learning experiences and the instructors and programme coordinators the ability to manage and maximise learning outcomes. CANVAS will also play a major role in instructor induction and professional development. But to do this we need your help.


The initial software architecture development and transition will cost $10000. This is a one off cost to set up the system.


CANVAS by Instruture.

CANVAS is leading the world in learning management systems and integrates a wide range of systems platforms. IOS, Android, MS, Google etc.

The integration of applied technology to enable the growth of Youth Search and Rescue Trust is a key priority. The Learning Management system, CANVAS, will ensure training consistency, provide iterations and feedback for students and teachers, ensure best practice is being maintained, provide a resource to support youth and leadership development and also meet the volunteering succession risks of Search and Rescue and Emergency Management.

The integration of technology is key to YSAR’s development. CANVAS will manage all YSAR activities and enable the centralized management of innovation and technology projectscontributing to the advance of the use of technology by existing Search and Rescue and Emergency Management groups, improving efficacy to benefit the wider community.

The centralized system will enable curriculum management to modify training material ensuring ‘fit for purpose’ and best practice training. It will enable tutors to better interact with students on platforms that are user friendly for students and will allow video conferencing to multiple platforms providing students with access to the best qualified specialists. Importantly it enables better management of authentic and experiential learning practices which are considered ‘best practice’ for youth learning by educational researchers.

As a not-for-profit the employment of state-of-the art technology not only provides the best outcomes for students and enriching their learning experience but also provides e-commerce options for financial return on YSAR intellectual property contributing to long-term sustainability.

This application seeks support for the purchase of CANVAS and the first year of its integration with the existing YSAR educational modules.


We need your help to raise $10000 by the end of 2018. We are looking for donations $50, $100, $200, $500, $1000 to make up the full amount.


All the YSAR education modules require active partipation by the students. With the assistance of the new learning technology, YSAR will align student involvement in these projects with their student profile so that there will be a record of learning, engagement with industry and participating in relevant problem solving. There are a wide range of projects which include:

UAV in Search and Rescue.

This project looks at developing standard operating procedures for SAR and Emergency management using drones in emergency response. Includes software, thermal imaging, fixed wing and multi rotor options.

Field Intelligence in remote areas.

This project will provide a platform of intelligence pathways from the base of operations to field personnel. Complex tasking of maps, photographs and instructions between field assets and headquarters will now support voice communications.

Dementia tracking.

This project investigates the Internet of Things (IoT) technology to track dementia suffers. The tool provides significantly better GPS tracking mechanisms than has been available empowering families and caregivers, improving quality of life and enabling dementia suffers to stay in their homes longer.

Predictive Analysis for SAR and EM.

This project uses existing Lost Person Behaviour data with Geospatial analysis tools to determine high areas of probability in search scenarios. This will result in being able to deploy staff quickly in areas where the lost person may be found based of statistical information.

Kaupapa Maori Geospatial Project.

This integrates historical data on significant Maori sites in the Kaimai ranges.It will be managed by students and recorded on CANVAS with support by local BOP Iwi.

About us

Youth Search and Rescue Trust (established 2009), is a comprehensive, long-term, development and community learning programme for youth. The programme provides mentoring of youth by 20 committed and involved adults, an environment in which youth form close-knit peer groups. The leaders are selected from related fields including NZ Police, LandSAR, Coast Guard and Civil Defence Emergency Management, Urban Search and Rescue and Surf Life Savings. Anecdotal evidence suggests that YSAR produces positive outcomes for youth, with parents reporting that the programme has changed their children’s lives. The programme was developed to address an aging volunteer sector to provide the SAR and CDEM groups with trained, capable and technology digital natives. Previous student participants have gone on to pursue careers in related fields. The programme outcomes extend beyond search and rescue and emergency management skills to include real world problem solving, leadership and management, and improved self-esteem, self-efficacy, and civic responsibility and innovation.

Use of funds

The funds will be used for designing the software architecture and enabling teaching resources to be accessible to leaders, students and parents. CANVAS will be threaded through the DNA of our organisation

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Latest donations

Stamina Romana Hikamoa
Stamina Romana Hikamoa on 16 Sep 2018
For a Good cause
Debbie on 14 Sep 2018
I am sure this system with help a lot. All the best I reaching the finance goal and then making it all happen!
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 13 Sep 2018
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 13 Sep 2018
This is an awesome programme that teaches kids real life skills in an authentic Nz setting. My son started the programme this year and it’s incredible to see the positive impact it’s had on him.
Bondy on 12 Sep 2018
Good work

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