Givealittle Page Widgets

Every Givealittle fundraising page offers a widget as part of your fundraiser’s toolkit.

Widgets allow you to provide statistics from your Givealittle page, other websites or blogs, with a direct link to donate. The widget content can vary with the style of widget chosen, but will look a bit like this:

Steps to add a widget to your site:

Note: You can only get widget code from the Givealittle site if you are on a desktop machine.

Step 1: Go to your page and click "Share":

Step 2:  Select "Embed" from the Share menu:

Step 3: Choose your widget style from the 4 available layouts.
Step 4: Copy and paste the code onto your website.

Step 5: Check how it looks on Mobile and Desktop - you may need to optimise the setup for your site, depending on how your site is styled.

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