Regular Giving with Givealittle

One-off donations are great, but what charities really need to be sustainable is a reliable stream of donations.

Givealittle offers donors both Credit Card and Payroll Giving options for regular giving.

Credit card plans can be set up for any cause on Givealittle and can run weekly, fortnightly, 4 weekly, monthly, or annually.

The beauty of Payroll Giving is that the tax rebate is applied automatically, so donors don't need to do anything to claim it back. For every dollar they donate they get 33.33 cents back as a tax credit which reduces the amount of PAYE they pay. This effectively means that, if they donate $10, you get $10 but their pay for that period is only reduced by $6.67.

Givealittle's Payroll Giving works with any payroll system.

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