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Kiwi Generosity on the rise

Kiwi Generosity on the rise as Givealittle racks up $1.5m in donations in eight months Kiwi generosity appears to be on the increase with a four-fold increase in donations over the past year at online fundraising platform In June Givealittle recorded its most successful month yet with a record breaking $420,261 donated which is dramatic growth on the June 2012 result of $51,382.

The strong growth in Givealittle’s donations began late last year after the Telecom Foundation acquired the home grown start-up and made it a zero fees service, providing all New Zealanders with a simple solution to applying crowdfunding techniques to fundraise for any cause close to their heart. Since November 2012 donations have exceeded $1.5m versus the $2.3m total donations Givealittle had raised in the previous four years.

Givealittle’s fast growth proves not only that we Kiwis are a generous bunch but also that community spirit is alive and well with individuals quick to step up and help mates during times of need. 

The most highly supported causes at Givealittle are usually not created by formal charitable entities with 60% of total donations made to the pages of individuals fundraising for personal causes. This is in line with international trends that demonstrate that the social web has provided individuals with the tool they need to quickly tackle issues themselves and bypass bureaucracy. 

An example of this new personal cause model is the current campaign forRobbie Ritchie’s brain surgery in Germany resulting in more than $100,000 being raised in just five days becoming the fast growing personal cause page in Givealittle history.

Givealittle’s top five most popular causes for 2013 are:

1.          The ongoing drive to raise $200,000 in seven weeks for fundRobbie Richie’s brain surgery.

2.          SupportingAmanda Lowry and family after she broke her neck in a freak surfing accident.

3.          Financial assistance to the family of toddler Kiriana Ronaki who is battling a brain tumour and meningitis.

4.          Funding exploration of clinical trials in attempt to find a cure for Angus Little’s extremely are cancer.

5.          Providing a little relief from the symptoms of Goldenhar Syndrome for Reece Jimmieson.

6.          Funding to support Nelson based First Steps Himalaya community development work in Nepal.

‘We’ve always known that kiwis are generous by nature and the donation volumes we’ve experienced since we picked up paying Givealittle’s fees have been outstanding. This really affirms that our strategic purpose of encouraging generosity is right on the money.’ 

‘Globally, donation and reward based crowdfunding grew 85% to US$1.4bn in 2012 and it is our view that Givealittle will continue to experience growth in line with international trends as more people seek innovative solutions to raise funds whether for causes, creative projects or to fund entrepreneurial ideas. The explosive growth we’re seeing also confirms the feedback we’ve been getting that Kiwis appreciate the need to help out fellow Kiwis in need and that 100% of the donation getting to the cause is highly valued. ’ says Telecom Foundation General Manager Lynne Le Gros.

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