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February 2013 Scorecard

February was another stunning month of Kiwi generosity! 2008 online donors donated $133,690.65 to 232 kiwi causes on That’s 20% up on January.

Average donation was $66 and the largest single donation was $5,000 made to support the family of wee Kiriana Ronaki who was diagnosed with a brain tumour in January.

There were 23,038 visitors to and the grand total jumped to $2,938,719.56

Top beneficiaries of February donations were:

  1. Angus Little by Campbell Live, the Black Caps & the Little Family
  2. For Kiriana by the Ronaki family
  3. Giving Kirstin a better quality of life by Nicole Edwards

There were over 45 charity champions in January.  This month we honor the efforts of Kate Roper, who confined herself to a wheelchair for a week to raise funds and profile for her cousin Kane who is fundraising for stem cell treatment to combat his Multiple Sclerosis. She was even featured live on Breakfast TV. 

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