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January 2014 Scorecard


We’ve made a strong start to the New Year this month, with 482 causes receiving 4,347 donations. Our total for January is $269,062.92.

The top 5 beneficiaries of January donations were:

1. Jeremy Williams – The wheelchair-bound thrill seeker who is desperate to get off-road

2. Gene Chase –Telecom lady Dee Tilyard’s husband, whose disease treatment isn’t government-funded

3.  Jennifer Doolabh –The miracle mum from Hamilton who is raising funds to try alternative breast cancer treatments

4. The New Zealand Red Cross – The organisation that improves lives all over the world every day

5. James Finlayson – The circus owner in desperate need of melanoma treatment

The average donation was $61.90 and the largest donation was Gen-i’s $10,000 donation to the Red Cross.

A special mention goes to Dr Jared Noel, who not only lived to meet his daughter but also helped deliver her!  Elise Alexandra Grace Noel was welcomed to the world on the 17th of January. Dr Jared says parenting is “easy so far,” and we wish the Noels all the best!

By the Telecom Foundation

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