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January 2015 Scorecard

January's normally a quiet month on Givealittle (cos you're all at the beach!), but this year has been quite different. 

$1,094,644.35 is the grand donation totals for the month, made up of 15,445 donations. The goodness was spread between 937 different causes, and the average donation value was $70.87.

The largest donation made in January was $10,060.00.

The top 5 beneficiaries of donations made in January are:

1. Richy and Bex, a couple from Northland dealing with Richy's cancer diagnosis 

2. Kylie, a Canterbury mum of three girls who has cancer 

3. Rebecca, whose partner passed away after a motorcycle accident

4. The King family, whose two boys have muscular dystrophy 

5. Nick, who suffered a spinal injury while in Australia 

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