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October 2013 Scorecard

October generosity was off the chart! Great people helped 467 Kiwi causes receive 9,796 donations totalling $630,314.58 taking the year to date total to $3,144,900.30!

Visitors to doubled in October with 105,299 engaging with the site.

Top beneficiaries of October donations were

  1. Help Jared Noel Meet His Daughter by Jared’s family
  2. Team New Zealand Fundraising by passionate fan Ned Dawson
  3. Help Save My Life by Jacqui Scott
  4. Help Charlotte & Sam beat Hurler’s by Mum Tracy

The average donation was $64.34 and the largest single donation was $4,138.54 to The Sale is Over

Our Charity Champion of the month is Phil Paul. Phil’s young son is battling cancer so Phil decided to support Ronald McDonald House by stepping into the Fight for Christchurch boxing ring.



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