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September 2013 Scorecard

The $5 million all time donation milestone was cracked in September! $343,970.38 was donated to 402 Kiwi causes by 4,570 generous folk.

We had 49,947 visitors to and the calendar year to date total is $2,471,700.94. The top beneficiaries of September donations were:

1 - TEAR Fund Poverty Cycle by TEAR Fund New Zealand
2 - Saving Storm by Storm’s owner Tiffany Brown
3 - Team New Zealand for America’s Cup 35 by passionate fan Ned Dawson
4 - Helping Mary Young by friend Alana Keith

The average donation was $75.27 and the largest single donation was $6,991.40 to Help Bring Jo Home.

Special mention to Kaiapoi Borough School teacher Daniel George who inspired his class to make a difference. The group raised over $14,000, well in excess of their initial goal of $1,000, to help fund kids attendance at Camp Quality.


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