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$5m donated!

Today reaches a significant milestone with $5,000,000 million donated to nearly 7,000 causes since launch in December 2008!

A donation of $820 at 9:07am tipped us over the mark, representing the fundraising of Kaiapoi Borough School student Ethan Baker-Cleveland as part of the school’s collective efforts for Camp Quality.

In less than five years 85,000 donations have been made to support Kiwis in need, charitable projects, schools, community groups and clubs.  Charity champions have run huge distances, slept in snow caves, raced horses across Mongolia, given up birthday gifts and friends have stepped up to help loved ones in need.

The top five personal causes are:

1.       Robbie needs his brain fixed $156,849.69

2.       Get Lily Home – $101,084.50

3.       Rodney Gordon cancer treatment – $68,263

4.       Lachie and Chris Sutherland – $53,904.50

5.       GALZ Trust – $53,463

Also of note is the swift and generous online response at times of disaster

1.       New Zealand Red Cross Samoa Tsunami Appeal -  $208,952.59  

2.       New Zealand Red Cross Christchurch Earthquake recovery - $206,593.25 with over $100,000 donated to support the efforts of other organisations providing immediate aid.

3.       Pike River Relief Fund –  $81,618.26

Thanks New Zealand! We look forward to helping you give the next $5,000,000 to support the Kiwi causes you love with zero fees thanks to the Telecom Foundation.

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