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An update to our Terms

This is a heads-up that some parts of our terms have changed. For a look at the whole set, click through here

Otherwise, read on for a quick summary! 

Verified Payees

From the 4th of December onwards, Givealittle users will need to verify their details before being able to receive payments. This process is called becoming a Verified Payee. 

Givealittle pages will also display information about who is receiving funds on the bottom of the page. The Page Owner, Verified Payee and Fundraising Beneficiary are all named. If a Verified Payee isn't nominated and a refund to donors isn't possible, the money donated will go towards keeping Givealittle zero fees. 

From this date onwards, the verification process is mandatory for all Fundraising Beneficiaries and nominated payees. 

Referring to users

There have been a couple of changes to the way that users are referred to within the terms.

"Fundraising Member" means a User who registers with Givealittle to create a page to raise funds from Donors.

Fundraising Beneficiary” means a User or other named entity to whom funds raised are applied.

"Verified Payee" means a User who registers with Givealittle as the direct recipient of funds raised or as the nominated recipient on behalf of the Fundraising Beneficiary.


The way that some donations are receipted have also changed - the information below is about the name a receipt is issued in. This information clarifies whether or not a donation is eligble for a tax credit. 

Where the donation is made to a Verified Payee with Donee Tax Status, a Donation Tax Receipt  is issued in the name of the Spark Foundation which is itself a charitable organisation with Donee Tax Status. A Donation Tax Receipt can be used to claim a donation tax credit with IRD.

Where the donation is made to a Verified Payee without Donee Tax Status, a receipt is issued in the name of the Verified Payee.

If you'd like to read the whole Terms page, click through here

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