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Bigger Gifts

Create your own Givealittle Bigger Gift, and make someone’s dream come true

As we enter the festive period, the Givealittle team has been thinking about how we can help you sprinkle a little Christmas magic amongst your own communities, families and other networks.

We’ve looked at our popular causes, talked with our coaching experts and this year, we’re bringing you a way to create meaningful gifts for the special people in your life.

Introducing, Bigger Gifts!

A Bigger Gift doesn’t have to be BIG

Givealittle Bigger Gifts don’t have to cost a lot, or raise lots of donations. In the spirit of Christmas, it really is the thought that counts. A Bigger Gift is simply a matter of teaming up with a group of people in order to provide a more meaningful gift than you could give alone. Here are some starters to get your Bigger Gift ideas flowing:

- Forget your family’s $20 present limit this year, and instead pool your collective funds to create a special treat or memory for another family member.

- Sick of workplace Secret Santa gifts? Encourage your colleagues to do something special for a local hero.

- Skip the festive baking and rally your friends to give to a charitable cause in memory of someone dear to you all.

- Encourage your sports team or local school to band together to cover the costs of Christmas lunch at your local soup kitchen or mission.

There are so many ways for you to make a real difference this Christmas!

Give a little – together

So, keen to get started?

Once you’ve decided on your cause and who you’ll approach for fundraising help, just follow the usual process to set up a Givealittle cause or champion page here. You can then easily share the page link with your friends, family and colleagues. Don’t forget, thanks to the Spark Foundation, 100% of the funds donated get through to your Bigger Gift.

We’ve set up a new Facebook group this year as a forum for all of our Bigger Gifters. Join uphere today. We’ll be brainstorming Bigger Gift ideas in this group, sharing coaching tips to make the most of your campaign, and supporting you with your Bigger Gift fundraising if you need it. If you’d rather just join our weekly Bigger Gift email for updates and coach tips, you can sign up here.

Want some help?

Our Givealittle coaches are standing by! If you need some assistance getting started, whether it’s brainstorming your Bigger Gift idea or some tips on how to go about fundraising, you can email us at Join our Facebook group and post a question or find out when our coaches are having live Facebook Q&A sessions.

So, how will Givealittle help? We’ll be looking for inspirational Bigger Gift ideas to feature on our website, share with our media contacts and friends and followers on social media (hopefully this way we’ll help you get to your fundraising goal faster!).

Let’s get gifting!

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