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Bigger Gifts

What is a Bigger Gift on Givealittle?

It’s the season for giving, but most of us want our Christmas gifts to mean more. Socks and chocolates are getting old. The Bigger Gift campaign on is an opportunity to create your very own Givealittle cause page, get together with a group you know and pool online donations to make something big and meaningful happen this Christmas.

Bigger Gifts are usually too ambitious for one person to give alone, but totally achievable when a group of Kiwis give a little together. Work with your friends, family and networks to define a Bigger Gift to celebrate your family, social group or workplace. Encourage people to donate online in lieu of gifts, to celebrate a special achievement or acknowledge the memory of a loved one.

A Bigger Gift might be…

-Bringing someone home for the Christmas holidays or helping send someone home to loved ones

- A community coming together to do something special for a local hero

- A social group, blog community or team of workmates coming together to recognise a unique challenge for a friend or colleague this Christmas

- A family giving to create a special memory or treat for another family member

- Giving to a charitable cause in the memory of a loved one

- Making someone’s dream come true by providing a memorable experience

- Covering the costs of the Christmas lunch provided at a soup kitchen or mission

Any reason to be generous at Christmas is a good enough reason to give.  Check out these Bigger Gift pages from last year for inspiration.

It’s easy to organise a Bigger Gift

If you could give someone a Bigger Gift this year, who would it be? What would it achieve? Here’s how you get started:

1 – Select a worthy recipient and decide on an appropriate Bigger Gift

2 – Create your cause page at

3 – Share your page with your colleagues, friends, family to easily donate online

We’ll be sharing Bigger Gift pages with our community so once your Bigger Gift cause page is up and running send an email to with a link to your page.

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