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Important information for tax time

If you’ve made a donation on Givealittle within the past tax year (1 April 2013 – 31 March 2014), you may have received an email from us with important information about tax credits on Givealittle donations.

If you didn’t receive your tax time email, please contact the helpdesk.

If you’re a New Zealand resident, you may be able to file your Givealittle receipts with the IRD to get some of your generosity back in the form of a tax credit. Many donations on Givealittle are to individual causes that are not eligible for tax credits so before you file receipts with the IRD, it’s very important to check the donee status of the recipient of your donation on Approved donee status can be confirmed by searching for the recipient name on your Givealittle receipt at

Having trouble finding your receipt(s)?
If you haven’t got your receipt, don’t fret! Here are 3 tips for retrieving your receipts:

  1. Search in your email using the receipt number(s) from our recent tax time email
  2. If you are a Givealittle member, log in to your Givealittle account and go to My Givealittle to access your transaction history and view/ print receipts.
  3. If you are not a Givealittle member yet, just register with the email you used to make donations over the past year and you will find your transaction history saved in your My Givealittle section.

If you have no luck with these 3 tips, please contact the helpdesk.

We’d also appreciate your time to fill out a 1 question survey about how Givealittle communicates with donors after making a donation.

On behalf of the causes and organisations on Givealittle, thank you for your generosity over the last 12 months.

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