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It's Bigger Gifts Time

Create some magic with a Bigger Gift on Givealittle

The festive season is fast-approaching: there’s no better time to spread a spread a little joy with the help of Givealittle!

Bigger Gifts is about harnessing our Christmas spirit, and using it to make life a little better for somebody else.

A Givealittle page is a great way to join forces with others to make your impact bigger.

It’s doesn’t have to be huge

By “bigger”, we don’t mean that your Bigger Gift needs to cost a lot or raise the most donations. It’s the thought that counts! A Bigger Gift is simply a matter of teaming up with a group of people, or reaching out to the people you know, so that you can provide a more meaningful gift than you could give alone.

Need some ideas? Check out these pages from Bigger Gifts 2014

- Stacey flew her mum home for Christmas

- Angela organised a Christmas dinner for people who otherwise go without

- Sarah raised funds to get her mum eye surgery for Christmas

- The people behind Project Santa made Christmas happen for struggling families

There are so many ways for you to make a real difference at this time of year!

Give a little – together

So, keen to get started?

Once you’ve decided on your cause and who you’ll approach for fundraising help, just follow the usual process to set up a Givealittle cause or champion page here. You can then easily share the page link with your friends, family and colleagues. Don’t forget, thanks to the Spark Foundation, 100% of the funds donated get through to your Bigger Gift.

Want some help?

So, how will Givealittle help? We’ll be looking for inspirational Bigger Gift ideas to feature on our website, share with our media contacts and friends and followers on social media (hopefully this way we’ll help you get to your fundraising goal faster!).

Let’s get gifting!


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