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It's time for a Terms update

This is a heads-up that we’ve made a change to our Terms. We’ve added some content about our introduction of the add-on donation, and the conversation around consent when it comes to fundraising for someone on Givealittle. Head over here to read the whole lot, or see a summary below.

Add-on Donation
We've introduced the add-on donation in this Terms update. This is the optional donation that a donor can add to their standard donation, for the purposes of supporting Givealittle as a zero fees service. Some key things to note about this donation in the Terms are that it is immediate, non-refundable, non-transferrable and non-disputable. 
Withheld Approval or Suspension of Services
Within the Terms, there's a list of reasons why Spark Foundation may withhold approval of a fundraising page or suspend a User's access to Givealittle. In this update we've added one extra:

(f) if we consider that the fundraising activity is detrimental or could cause distress or harm to any individual or organisation whom the public may reasonably assume is both consenting to and/or benefitting from the fundraising activity whether or not they are named as the Fundraising Beneficiary or Verified Payee.

In the Terms we state that if they're updated, we'll let our users know in the Givealittle News. That's why we've done this post! 



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