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Change Target or Close Date

It is possible to change the closing date or target of a page but usually we ask that you tell people about it by posting a Page Update.

To change either the close date or target of your page login with the email/username you used when creating the page and go to My Pages. From there select ‘Edit' and click the link to edit your goal or closing date.

After setting the new goal you will be prompted to create a Page Update to let donors know about the change your making. Page Updates show on the page and are emailed to subscribed donors to your page.

NB: Goals on "All or Nothing" pages that already have pledges cannot be changed, as people’s decision to pledge may be based on the goal at the time they pledged. If your "All or Nothing" page doesn't already have pledges you can contact us to change the goal.

If you have have any problems with this, contact us on

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