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Thanking Donors and Pledgers

Page Owners and Payees can leave a comment in response to a donation. Responding to donations helps build a connection with your supporters - everyone loves a thank you!

Your response will appear publicly on your page and be emailed to the donor so they don't miss it.

Please be considerate of your donor's privacy when commenting - e.g. if they have chosen not to display their name or amount on the donation don't refer to that.

Screenshot of a donation with a response from the Page Owner

In some cases the person who created the page (the Page Owner) is not the same person as the Payee. Payee's who are not the owner of the page can comment, so long as they are the only payee of the page (it's possible for a Fundraiser page, fundraising for other Givealittle page(s), to have up to 3 beneficiaries - and if we let everyone comment it would be pretty chaotic. So, where there is more than one Payee, only the Page Owner can respond to donations).

Steps to post a reply to a donation (as either a Page Owner or a designated Payee):

  1. Log on to My Givealittle and go to Transactions | Donations Raised.
  2. Filter the list for the relevant time period or page as necessary

             On a desktop computer it looks like this:

Donation List with link to comment

             On a mobile device it looks like this:

Transaction List on mobile with link shown as >

  1. For each donation you can select "View and comment" (on desktop), or the ">" arrow on mobile, to access details of the donation and leave a response. 

(You can come back and edit your comment if you need to, by following the same steps.)


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