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How To Set Up a Payroll Giving Plan

1. Login or Register on Givealittle if you have already registered and you will be taken to the My Givealittle dashboard.

2. From here select ‘Account’ > 'Giving plans' . "Create a new plan'.

     On a desktop or laptop computer the menu options look like this:

 Screenshot of menu items

On a mobile device it looks like this: 

Screenshot of mobile menu


3. Enter a plan name & select Payroll Giving as the payment method. Choose a frequency and start date, then hit ‘Next’:

Screenshot of the first screen in Payroll Giving setup process

4. Click ‘Add Donation’ to add a recipient to your Payroll Giving Plan:

Screenshot of the 'Add donation' screen in Payroll Giving setup process

5. Type in an amount & select a recipient by typing a charity name.

If your cause or organisation is not listed click Contact Us link to let us know.

6. After you select 'Add' your recipient and donation settings will be listed in this screen. You can add another organisation to your plan by clicking ‘Add Donation’:

Screenshot of the screen after a donation has been added to the plan

7. When you have added all your recipients to your plan, click ‘Next’. The last step is to enter contact details for you and your organisation. When your are done, click 'Authorise':

8. All done here! Now just check out the Review Plan screen.

9. You will receive an email with a Payroll Giving Request form to hand to your employer. If you have Self Service Payroll just use these details to load your Payroll Giving request.

Questions? Email


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