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Page Moderation

Page moderation means that a member of our customer care team have reviewed a page and are satisfied that it complies with our Terms & Conditions.

Givealittle does not make any judgement relating to what a page is, or its worthiness (we leave that up to the crowd), but there are a few checks we perform, including:

  1. The identities of the Page Owner, Payees and Beneficiary;
  2. Verifiable data, i.e. Donee tax status, Charities Register, Ministry of Education database;
  3. Good taste, decency and acceptable Content;
  4. Clearly stated and legal intentions for funds raised;
  5. Any graphic content or profanity;
  6. Respect for third party rights and privacy;
  7. Compliance with the Terms, Content Management Policy and Code of Conduct; and
  8. Beneficiary Consent.

We try to complete the moderation process within three business days, however, this is dependent on the nature of the page and ease of communication with the page owner. 

Pages that are not Moderated cannot be searched on our site and can only be accessed using a direct link.  They can, however, receive donations.

Achieving Moderation

Page moderation is a process that's done by us, so the best thing you can do is be thoughtful when you're creating your page.  Think about the eight items above and take a look at our Code of Conduct.

Other things we might ask you about:

  • If your page is raising funds for someone under 16 or 18 years
  • If someone has had an accident or has passed then we might need to double-check who the funds should be paid to, or have questions about ACC coverage
  • If the page is raising money for a charity then we'll check it's the most appropriate page type
  • Givealittle is a public platform and Google has a long memory.  We might double-check that certain personal info should be shared with the world
  • If the page is fundraising to pay a bill then we might ask you to send us a copy of it

If your page is still not moderated after three days then check your email (including the spam folder!) in case we've tried to make contact with you.  Otherwise, contact our Helpdesk (be sure to tell us the URL of your page)

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