What is an event page and who is it for?

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A Focus Point for Participants

A Givealittle Event page allows all the people participating in your event to create their own fundraiser linked to your Givealittle Event page. All the fundraiser pages will be grouped together in one spot and the Event page will show the total for their collective fundraising efforts. Encourage people to join in with photos and videos to help tell your story and keep people energised.

Teams for Events

This feature allows groups of people to fundraise collectively as part of an Event, and a because each participant in the Team has their own page, it adds an element of friendly competition! This is ideal for corporates where employees or different departments might want to fundraise as Team Members.

Support Up To Three Causes or Organisations

Event owners can choose to set the causes or organisations supported; or let the fundraisers choose. Each event can support up to three beneficiaries.

If You Are A Charity, Business, School, or Group

Events are a great way for your teams to bond! People who participate in your event can challenge each other, while working towards a common goal together- all while raising funds for a good cause!

No Hidden Costs

All pages on Givealittle pay the same service fee - 5% on all funds raised. There are no hidden charges for “premium features”.

Proudly NZ Owned and Operated

The Givealittle platform is Kiwi owned and operated, and staunchly proud of the fact. There is no overseas conglomerate profiting from your donor’s charity.

Making it Easy

We will assign an account manager to your Event who will work with you to design an awesome Event page. Want a custom URL? No problem. Need a standardised page template to make it easy for participants to sign-up? Done.

And once you’ve set up your Event, we will take the hassle out of transacting donations and issuing receipts (even tax-deductible ones for charities), freeing you up to actually run the event. Each month we will pay funds-raised straight to the beneficiaries bank account, and send them an Excel summary of donations, to aid in reconciliation, etc.

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  • Walks and marathons where it's common for participants to fundraise
  • Uniting groups, teams and communities motivated to do something crazy or hard for a good cause
  • Annual appeals and campaigns

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