Get your school registered with Givealittle and expand your fundraising reach online. Keep in touch, receive donations in full; it’s all good here! Here’s how schools can benefit from using Givealittle:

  1. Receive donations easily.
  2. Gather support for school projects, equipment and trips.

    E-mail the relevant cause, project or event page out to student's parents - it'll be quick and easy for them to donate.

  3. Receive support from events and teams.

    Set students up for a school-wide challenge! With a school page as the beneficiary you can keep track of all fundraisers with ease.

  4. Keep in touch with far away friends.

    It can be hard to retain contact with alumni and families of students that live far away. With Givealittle, even if Grandma can’t make it to the gala, she can give to the cause.

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