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30 Day Cold Water Challenge Fundraiser

$12,979 raised
Starts: 6 Aug 2021
Ends: 6 Sep 2021

Will To Live X Nigel Beach from Element Health, convince farmers to get cold for a cause.


Over the last winter month, farmers across New Zealand are emerging in cold water to improve both the health of themselves and farmers.

// Why we are fundraising for RuralChange //

In September 2021 Will To Live Charitable Trust will be launching “RuralChange” which is mental health fund that provides free private psychologists for New Zealand Farmers.

This was motivated by the devastatingly long 8-week waiting lists to see a psychologist or counsellor currently in the public health system. We feel this is not good enough, this length of wait-time has not decreased in the past 4 years!

We are going to provide 3x private counselling sessions per farmer with the aim of only a 2-3 day waiting time.

This fund will easily be accessible to anyone employed, managing or owning a farming operation in NZ. Usually the cost per hour for a private session can range from $150-$250.

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