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Dusk 'til Dawn Bat Challenge

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Starts: 1 Dec 2020
Ends: 31 Dec 2020
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What can you do from Dusk 'til Dawn?! Choose your own challenge to help raise funds to protect bats in New Zealand.

The Dusk 'til Dawn Bat Challenge is your chance to take on a personal challenge for one night in December, to raise funds to help save New Zealand's remaining bat species from extinction.

From mountain-biking to knitting, trail-running to karaoke, marathon to filmathon - choose a challenge that means something to you. The only condition - you must carry it out between dusk and dawn.

Before humans settled in New Zealand about 700 years ago, three bat species were widespread and abundant. Now bats are rarely seen.

One species (the greater short-tailed bat) is already extinct and without your help to raise vital funds, the other two species (short-tailed and long-tailed bats) will probably be extinct on the mainland in less than 50 years.

Every dollar you raise will help to save these amazing creatures by funding Te Hoiere project to protect native bats from predators and carry out research into their behaviour and what they need to thrive and survive.

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