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Help Heidi with her Luxating Patella's

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Starts: 30 Jul 2019
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Please help with the cost of Heidi's operation and aftercare to fix her luxating patella's


Heidi was surrendered to Cat Care Incorporated in January after she was diagnosed with luxating patella's. This means that her knees dislocate regularly, and this will worsen over time. She has been advertised for adoption, with full disclosure, and to date there have been no enquiries to adopt her.

Cat Care and the Cats Protection League work well together and when they asked for our help, we were happy to assist. At just 10 months of age we all feel that Heidi deserves a comfortable, pain-free life and a wonderful home of her own.

We have therefore arranged for Heidi to be operated on by the Avonside Wainoni Veterinary Clinic who have generously agreed to do this at a reduced rate. We are seeking your help to assist with the cost of the operation and aftercare.

Once she has recovered she will be available for adoption from our cattery.

Cats' Protection League (Canterbury) Incorporated's involvement (page creator)

We are arranging for the operation and will care for her once she has recovered until she has been adopted.

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