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Joy ride. Get on your bike to support kids in India.

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Starts: 1 Oct 2021
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Joy ride. Get on your bike to support kids in India.


In Kolkata a lot of kids have pretty tough lives and don't get to enjoy just being kids (Covid has only made things worse). At Joyya we believe in Joy and we want to see more of it!

‘Joy Ride’ is your opportunity to bring a little joy! Your cycling efforts could provide awesome things like sports gear, craft supplies or sponsor fun outings, kids events and camps. Your support will help to give kids like Puja a good dose of fun and connection in their week.

Puja’s Story:

"Hi my name is Puja, I’m 15. I‘m the only daughter in my house, so I must help with all the work. I cook the meals, clean the house and wash the clothes for my family each day. I am in class 10 at school. I am lucky to go to school so I study as hard as I can – I know it will be good for my future.

I don’t have much time to spend with friends. But sometimes I can go to youth club or special events with other children. I love it when we can all laugh and play together – it brings joy to my life. It’s a bit silly, but it’s a lot of fun!"

We absolutely love that we get to run clubs and events that can help kids like Puja smile and laugh and connect with other children. Will you join us this October so that together we can make this happen for more kids?

How does ‘Joy Ride’ work? You’ll need to get creative and think of a biking challenge for October. Perhaps you’ll want to ride everyday? Forfeit the car, and use you bike for every trip? Use the balance bike to get to kindy? Use your e-bike to tackle all the cycleways in Ōtautahi? Or even bike 1000kms!

Then ask people to sponsor you for that challenge. Ask your neighbours, your school friends your nan…. anyone! They don’t even need to live in the same place. They simply need to log on and donate. You can keep them updated with your progress.

So let’s get on our bikes and bring some joy!

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