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Te Kiwi Māia - RNZN and Friends Half Marathon 2022

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Te Kiwi Māia is thrilled to be the chosen charity for the RNZN Half Marathon, being conducted during the week of 31 Aug - 07 Sep 22 inclusiv


Te Kiwi Māia is thrilled to be the chosen charity for the RNZN Half Marathon, being conducted during the week of 31 Aug - 07 Sep 22 inclusive.

RNZN friends, whanau and wider NZDF colleagues are invited and encouraged to participate by running/walking distances up to 21.1kms in a single event over the period 1-8 Dec. All participants will need to track their efforts on Strava (or a similar GPS tracker) and comply with current Covid-19 protocols.

Competitors are welcome to create their own pages to fundraise for Te Kiwi Māia in the lead up to the event.


The aim of these events is to provide challenging yet inclusive goals for all Navy personnel, fellow NZDF employees, friends and family to work towards in order to enhance their personal fitness and wellbeing.

Additionally, the events encourage comradeship and team-building, both online and in person.

Physical activity and an active lifestyle help support mental wellbeing.

You can complete these goals in whatever manner you choose, whether that is running, walking or a mixture of both and on whatever terrain you choose (eg, road, trails).

There is no specific location or race-start timing required, you can undertake your "half-marathon" whenever and wherever it suits you.

Challenge yourself and those around you, and have some fun along the way.


During the week 31 Aug - 07 Sep 22 inclusive, run a half-marathon (21.1km) and inform the race organizer. There are two entry options for the event as follows:

a. Run the 21.1km in a single attempt (this will make you eligible for your respective trophy), or

b. Complete the 21.1km across multiple runs throughout the event period.

Entries can be registered in three ways:

a. Compete in an official event and submit evidence to NavyRunning@nzdf.mil.nz, e.g. the North Shore Half Marathon, which will take place on Sunday 04 Sep 22.

b. Take part virtually by providing a GPS data plot (e.g. Strava or Garmin) via email to NavyRunning@nzdf.mil.nz, or c. Send an honesty-email declaring your distance and time.


Te Kiwi Māia Mission

Providing rehabilitation, recovery and respite to our people, who – as a result of their role in safeguarding and caring for New Zealanders – have physical or psychological injuries. We enable our people and their families to continue healthy, positive lives.

This will be achieved through the provision of facilities, equipment, services or assistance for the rehabilitation, recovery and care of such individuals, as well as their immediate families, who are in need.

Our aim is to establish a homestead and working farm designed and equipped to foster physical, psychological and emotional rehabilitation and recovery; somewhere for those who have committed to our country, and who have been injured through their work, to recuperate and refresh. This will be achieved via the provision of a supportive and inclusive environment, professional assistance, access to a variety of services, and opportunities to participate in activities that promote mental wellness; such as pottery, cooking or yoga classes, building tuition, sports and fitness, or assisting on the farm.

Ultimately Te Kiwi Māia’s goal is to support and assist those whose role has been to safeguard and care for all New Zealanders, so they can continue healthy, positive lives.

Te Kiwi Māia’s Charitable Trust number is CC56958

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