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  • Three Kiwis One Rickshaw  

      8 days to go

    Please give generously to the Fred Hollows foundation, in response we will take on India's highways.

    Raised: $1,722.00

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Soham and Leon 

      created on 08 Aug 2017

    Please help us raise funds for another child with Autism to have an assistance dog. It will make the world of difference for their family!

    Raised: $1,380.00

    Goal: $20,000.00

  • Breath Easy, life unlimited 

      created on 26 Sep 2017

    I don't want to be 1 of those people who is doing something to late because they have lost someone I want to do it now so I don't lose them…

    Raised: $1,332.00

    Goal: $2,500.00

  • Andrew Lane - Night 'n Day 

      created on 13 Sep 2017

    I am helping to raise funds for KiwiHarvest (FoodShare) by participating in Savour Dunedin 2017

    Raised: $1,225.00

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Awareness On Wheels 

      created on 17 Aug 2017

    A motorcycle journey from Canada to Argentina raising funding for the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand.

    Raised: $1,174.00

    Goal: Open Goal