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  • Jason's Bucket List! We need your help! 

      created on 07 Feb 2017

    Jason has terminal cancer with a few months to a year to live. We want to make his bucket list come true and we need your help!

    Raised: $26,860.00

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Rochell's Fight Against Cancer 

      created on 18 Nov 2013

    Rochell is mum to her young son Kane and is in the fight of her life against Stage 4 "terminal" cancer.

    Raised: $26,389.00

    Goal: $50,000.00

  • Help Reuben beat the big C 

      created on 14 Dec 2017

    Gary's son Reuben was diagnosed with Burkitts Lymphoma at just age 10. As Gary's Les Mills family we want to support in any way we can!

    Raised: $26,056.00

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Lake Taupo Hospice 


    Ours is a 24/7 operation providing free of charge palliative care and holistic support for patients and their families in the Taupo distric…

  • Let’s Pay Red’s Mortgage 

      7 days to go

    Our friend Red has had to give up work because of her medical condition. Let’s pay her mortgage to help her out.

    Raised: $25,538.30

    Goal: $100,000.00

  • Marist Mission Ranong 


    The Marist Mission in Ranong serves Burmese Migrant Worker families on the Thailand Burma Border with Education, Health and Migrant Support.

  • Kaibosh Food Rescue  


    Kaibosh is an innovative food rescue organisation based in Wellington. We collaborate with food retailers to rescue surplus food that is go…