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  • Nicola's Mission to Attack MS with HSCT  

      created on 13 Mar 2018

    Help Nicola fundraise for HSCT in Singapore to treat MS. She is embarking on this mission to live an active life, relapse free!!!

    Raised: $1,710.00

    Goal: $160,000.00

  • Help John get to Melbourne  

      created on 20 Aug 2018

    Join us in helping John achieve his dream of full time dance in Melbourne

    Raised: $1,600.00

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Rotoehu Ecological Trust  


    A group of dedicated people who are just in the process of setting up a trust to help protect the Pongakawa Ecological Area and its inhabit

  • E Tū Awatarariki Matatā  

      created on 07 Jul 2018

    Our community face eviction from our homes through unfair Council processes. We need assistance to fund our fight.

    Raised: $1,440.00

    Goal: $100,000.00

  • Geri's on the waiting list  

      created on 29 Apr 2018

    Francis needs to be by Geri's side while she is in recovery for 4 weeks. We need to raise some funds to help them get through this.

    Raised: $1,425.00

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Grief Support Services  


    We offer subsidised counselling to individuals and whanau/families whose lives are affected by grief and loss.

  • Empowered Learning Trust  


    Some young people struggle to learn due to unidentified learning and processing difficulties such as Irlen Syndrome & dyslexia.