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  • Whinray Eco Trust  


    The Whinray Eco Trust was formed with the intention to restore one of the last brown kiwi populations on the East Cape.

  • Michael Pickett 2020  

      created on 10 Jul 2018

    Let's help young Gisborne swimmer Michael Pickett achieve his 2020 Olympic Games vision!

    Raised: $2,860.00

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Gizzy School Lunches  


    Kids are being kept home from school because they have no food. We help them to get to school, eat, learn so they can change the cycle

  • Help Gaelene to Save Her Eyesight  

      created on 17 Aug 2018

    I have watched my sister fight many battles and have been powerless to help -Please help her face her biggest battle - to save her sight!

    Raised: $1,651.00

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Help Us Save Our Historic Building!  

      created on 01 Mar 2018

    The Pipe Band historic club rooms need essential work that cannot be paid for through firewood fund-raising alone! We need your help!

    Raised: $1,515.00

    Goal: $160,000.00

  • Hospice Tairawhiti  


    Hospice Tairawhiti provide community based hospice care for the people of Tairawhiti, from Morere to Potaka.

  • Terrier Race Against Time  


    Terrier Race Against Time Committee was set up by 6 local women to provide support for all women diagnosed with Breast Cancer in the Gisbor