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  • Kaimanawa Heritage Horses 


    Kaimanawa Heritage Horses is dedicated to the care and protection of Kaimanawa horses in both the wild and domestic environments.

  • Cat Rescue Christchurch 


    Cat Rescue Christchurch helps the forgotten stray cats of Christchurch by having them desexed and rehomed where possible.

  • ARAN Animal Rescue NZ 


    ARAN Animal Rescue NZ - working to bring attention to the plight of dogs in Council Pounds in New Zealand, and save as many as we can.

  • Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue 


    We rescue and rehome the dogs that no one else wants to. Pitbulls, staffys, bull terriers and their crosses have a bad name because of how …

  • Gutter Kitties 


    Gutter Kitties is an Charitable Trust that rescues and rehomes abandoned, surrendered, and mistreated cats and kittens in Auckland.

  • Hope Rescue South Auckland 


    What we're doing to make a difference: Hope Rescue take their job very seriously to help all the unwanted animals who can not help thems…