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  • Animal Watch Whanganui  


    Formed in Feb/March 2014, AWW will be working to rescue, foster and rehome unwanted and abandoned animals in the Whanganui region. We are

  • Surgery For Raxxy  

      created on 25 Feb 2016

    Hi my names Kayla and i'm trying to raisemoney for my puppy to get surgery.

    Raised: $129.00

    Goal: $1,000.00

  • Pet Fix  


    Pet Fix is a Charitable Trust run by volunteers and funded by donations that provides practical assistance for people to aid them in gettin

  • Haven animal Support Services  


    Haven has the Love, passion, commitment and drive to provide quality of life care for Dogs/Puppies, cats/kittens and any other animal and e

  • Nyingje (Compassion) Trust  


    Funds donated go to the needy in Mungod (India) to support young children, the purchase of hospital equipment, and treatment of street dogs.

  • Vegana Rescue  


    We're an animal rescue in North Auckland. We rescue, foster and rehome companion animals (pets) and farm animals in need.

  • Orca Research Trust  


    We Protect Orca & their Habitat, through Conservation, Education & Scientific Research. There are less than 200 living around NZ