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  • Ross Thacker Fund 

      created on 06 Oct 2015

    Ross Thacker lost his battle with cancer at age 37 when his daughter was only 8 weeks old. Raising funds to support partner and daughter.

    Raised: $10,327.18

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Graci Foundation 


    The Graci Foundation seeks to raise money for research into gynecological cancers in New Zealand

  • Help for Sarona 

      created on 02 Oct 2017

    I’ve set up this page to support my daughter so she doesn’t have to worry about anything but getting well

    Raised: $10,035.00

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Chance For Life for Kathy Hughes 

      8 days to go

    I am fundraising to get some treatment to treat Duodenal Cancer which unfortunately isn't covered by the Health system.

    Raised: $8,460.00

    Goal: $60,000.00

  • Promise to Pip 


    In the middle of this year Pip was diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastic Malignant Melanoma with no primary source. Since diagnosis, Pip has been…

  • Chrissy's little helpers 

      created on 26 Jun 2017

    As friends of Chrissy, Jarrod, Jake, Harris & Nelson we were shocked when 3 weeks ago our girl, Chrissy was diagnosed with Oral Cancer.

    Raised: $8,111.00

    Goal: Open Goal