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  • The Auckland Rowing Club 


    Established in 1869, The Auckland Rowing Club is located on the banks of the Tamaki River and has a proud history of both on- and off-the-w…

  • 38mm Table Tennis Club 


    38mm Table Tennis club is based in Dunedin, New Zealand and is working hard to make table tennis cool and show people that anyone can easil…

  • Pharaohs 


    The objects of Pharaohs Sports Club Inc are to encourage participation and competition in a range of sports with an emphasis on indoor cri…

  • Rangitoto College Football 


    32 football-mad boys at Rangitoto College are heading on an overseas football tour of the United Kingdom and Spain in April 2015. The F…

  • Parnell Cricket Club 


    The Parnell Cricket Club is a long standing sports organization which facilitates and develops past, present and future cricketers in the a…