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  • Grace's Mission 

      created on 03 Apr 2017

    My goal is to attend YWAM (Youth with a mission) Queenstown in January 2018. I have already been accepted into the ARISE course.

    Raised: $186.00

    Goal: $7,000.00

  • The Physics Room 


    The Physics Room is a contemporary art space dedicated to developing and promoting contemporary art and critical discourse in New Zealand.

  • Habonim Dror 


    HDANZ is a youth movement that is run by young people for young people, specifically the Jewish youth of Aotearoa New Zealand. We provide a…

  • NZ Epi Island Incentive Trust 


    The purpose of the trust will be to provide health and oral health services and promote the artistic cultural Epi Island Vanuatu.In particu…

  • Youth Performance Trust (YPT) 


    YPT is a youth mentoring organisation seeking to uplift and promote youth well-being through performance and sports engagement activity.

  • Te Aroha Nui (Charitable Trust) 


    URGENT! Help save this unique piece of Kiwi history. Built from a single Kauri tree, Te Aroha is the only ship of her kind remaining today! …

  • Film School Dream: Thesis Year 

      created on 06 Oct 2016

    This fundraiser has been established to help me raise funds so that I can complete the thesis year of my Masters in Social Documentary Film.

    Raised: $125.00

    Goal: $10,000.00

  • ChangeMakers Refugee Forum 


    ChangeMakers Refugee Forum is a human rights organisation supporting refugee-background communities in New Zealand. We are a non-governm…

  • MMM New Zealand Trust Fund 


    MMM NZ Trust Fund raises finance for MMM NZ's work overseas. Donating here helps MMM build & maintain churches and Christian organisations.