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  • DC Rescue Dogs  


    We open our hearts and homes to homeless dogs and puppies. Scared, exhausted, hungry and sick- we welcome them all.

  • Kiwis 4 Cambodian Kids  


    Kiwis 4 Cambodian Kids is a New Zealand-based charity bringing education to poor rural villages in Cambodia

  • Drug-ARM Wellington  


    Drug-ARM's street van can be found on our city streets in the late hours on Friday and Saturday nights touching the lives of many people.

  • YMCA Christchurch  


    MIND BODY SPIRIT The YMCA was established in Christchurch in 1862 and since that time has strived to meet the needs, and provid

  • Gizzy School Lunches  


    Kids are being kept home from school because they have no food. We help them to get to school, eat, learn so they can change the cycle