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  • Aorangi Symphony Orchestra  


    Donations welcome in the wake of a magical evening with "Poeme Heroique" held on 20th November in the Auckland Town Hall, to keep us going!

  • The Physics Room  


    The Physics Room is a contemporary art space dedicated to developing and promoting contemporary art and critical discourse in New Zealand.

  • Mayfair Theatre  


    The Mayfair is an affordable performance venue maintained for the benefit of the Dunedin Community and the groups within it.

  • Circability Trust  


    Circability is an award winning social circus. They offer workshops and performances to promote inclusion, diversity and community.

  • The New Zealand Comedy Trust  


    The New Zealand Comedy Trust aim to inspire, connect, challenge, develop and encourage excellence so that more people laugh more often.



    Our vision is to once again be the most successful school in New Zealand rowing history.

  • Funding for music and acting training  

      14 days to go

    I am raising funds to assist further musician and actor training as I move towards my chosen career in the arts and entertainment industry.

    Raised: $90.00

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Tama Browns Jams  

      3 days to go

    Help Tama share his musical talent by supporting his dream.

    Raised: $75.00

    Goal: Open Goal