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  • Food for Life Northland 


    Run entirely by volunteers, over the past 2 1/2 years, Food for Life Northland has distributed over 70,000 hot and tasty, nutritious meals …

  • Kelston Deaf Education Centre 


    Kelston Deaf Education Centre is the specialist Deaf education centre in the North Island. Our students are all Deaf and enroll to pursue …

  • Delta Community Trust 


    Delta is a Christian organisation seeking to empower people experiencing hardship, disability and isolation through community and fun.

  • TLFNZ 


    Play is a child work. Through play, children develop the skills they need to develop their brain to learn reading, writing, counting, fine …

  • Midwives for Vanuatu 


    We are a group of New Zealand midwives who volunteer to support our colleagues in Vanuatu to achieve safe maternity care, health education,…

  • One Percent Collective 


    One Percent Collective exists to inspire generosity and to simplify regular giving, so small charities can spend more time working on imp

  • Auckland Refugee Council 


    Imagine; when you woke up tomorrow, you had to leave your country and you could never return. This is the harsh the reality our clients face…