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  • Cystic Fibrosis Canterbury  


    The Branch aims to improve the quality of life for people with cystic fibrosis in the Canterbury region (includes the area up to Blenheim/N

  • Branches Trust  


    Branches Camp is a 12-day journey into the hill country for Year 10 students of the Wakatipu away from comfort and cellphones and they come

  • ADHD Association  


    Formed in 1977, the association supports, educates and advocates for those affected by ADHD, children, adults and their whanau.

  • Manawatu Cancer Society  


    The Manawatu Cancer Society support and help any person, any age, with any cancer, to get through their battle with cancer.. with your help.

  • Wolfram Syndrome NZ  

      created on 08 Nov 2017

    We are raising funds to help pay for medical fees, diabetes treatment and help for my nephew with Wolfram Syndrome

    Raised: $189.00

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Brydie Lauder Charitable Trust  


    The Brydie Lauder Charitable Trust supports and assists Paediatric Neurology, started because of a precious unique wee girl Brydie who pass

  • Parfitt Kids  


    Parfitt Kids Charity help hundreds of hospitalised children and their families every year on the West Coast.

  • CanBreathe  


    Canbreathe provides free one on one consultations and education to people with asthma and COPD and their families. Awareness raising on as

  • Every Second Counts  


    Raising funds for The Meningitis Foundation in New Zealand. Every Second Counts is a team of 5 high school students from Rangi Ruru Girls'