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  • Diabetes NZ  


    Diabetes NZ is the 'Go To' place for people with diabetes or at risk of diabetes, to get information and support.

  • Paulo's Journey  

      28 days to go

    Paulo recently & unexpectedly diagnosed with Cancer, will require Funded & Non-Funded Chemotherapy to give him the best possible outcome.

    Raised: $7,970.00

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Red Door Recovery  


    Good people make bad decisions. This does not mean they are bad people; it means they are human. We can help them.

  • Heart Foundation  


    Cardiovascular disease is New Zealand's biggest killer, causing 16 deaths every days, many of which are premature and preventable.

  • Whirlwind  


    A community of men helping each other to get better at the mental side of life.