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  • SPCA Kawerau 


    Help Kawerau's stray and injured animals - where stray, abandoned and neglected animals are far too common.

  • Ulva Island Charitable Trust 


    The Ulva Island Charitable Trust was set up in 1999 by a group of dedicated Stewart Islanders who work together with New Zealand's Departme…

  • Please help Fonzie get his sight back 

      created on 11 Mar 2018

    Fonzie has been diagnosed with cataracts and is now almost completely blind. The condition is reversible with a rather costly eye surgery.

    Raised: $1,760.00

    Goal: $4,500.00

  • Second Chance 


    Second Chance re-homes unwanted puppies & dogs that end up in the pound! We all need to work together to break this cycle.

  • Hounds Needing Help 

      created on 05 Apr 2018

    Nightrave Greyhounds needs your help with funds for dogs who need extra help or support. Because every dog deserves a happy home.

    Raised: $1,705.00

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Help Rachel pay her vet bills 

      8 days to go

    Please help us pay for vet bills for our beloved cat, who needs diagnostic tests and treatment for hypothyroidism.

    Raised: $1,635.00

    Goal: $2,500.00

  • Paw Kitties 


    Paw Kitties is a non-profit organisation based in Auckland, New Zealand. We treat, foster and rehome stray and abandoned cats.

  • All Paws Rescue 


    Raising funds for All Paws Rescue who is a registered charity, helping those in need no matter the breed.