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  • FreeFM  


    Free FM is by the people for the people - we champion a media platform for direct media involvement by the region’s diverse communities.

  • Mapura Studios  


    Mapura Studios is a creative space offering innovative art programmes for people of all abilities.

  • Pablos Art Studios Inc  


    Pablos Art Studios Incorporated uses art and creative exploration to encourage people with experience of mental illness to transform their

  • CBB, Better Broadcasting  


    Too much of New Zealand's television, radio, online media and news is crass, tabloid, stagnating or hopelessly under-funded. Our media a

  • Everybody Cool Lives Here  


    Everybody Cool Lives Here like to play with arts practitioners and community groups to create work that share New Zealand stories.

  • Soprano Going Forward and Giving Back  

      created on 17 Aug 2018

    This September, Leila will embark on a journey to represent NZ in the world of Opera, but she is beginning by giving back on her way.

    Raised: $1,229.00

    Goal: Open Goal