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  • Kaharoa Kokako Trust 


    The Kaharoa Kokako Trust is a group of volunteers dedicated to protecting kokako locally, thereby assisting recovery of the species nationa…

  • National Beekeepers Association  


    The National Beekeepers Association is the main advocate for bees in New Zealand. Bee Aware Month is about promoting and protecting New…

  • Waikato RiverCare Incorporated 


    Waikato RiverCare - we are a leading riparian restoration charity, based on the lower Waikato River and its associated catchments.

  • Rotoehu Ecological Trust 


    A group of dedicated people who are just in the process of setting up a trust to help protect the Pongakawa Ecological Area and its inhabit…

  • Mackenzie Guardians 


    Mackenzie Guardians Inc. needs funds to continue fighting for protection of the landscape, wildlife and water.



    Zealandia is a groundbreaking, community-driven eco-restoration project and education facility, and a must-see visitor attraction for all a…

  • Kiwis for kiwi 


    Kiwis for kiwi wants to take kiwi from endangered to everwhere. Come and join us to save these special birds!