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  • OceansWatch  


    OceansWatch is an NGO that helps coastal communities, mainly in the SW pacific. In 2015 we shall be concentrating on cyclone Pam relief.

  • Project Island Song  


    Project Island Song is the name given to the restoration of the ancient dawn chorus of Ipipiri, in the eastern Bay of Islands

  • 3 Wahine vs The Rickshaw Run  

      created on 27 Jun 2018

    Raising funds for Sustainable Coastlines by enduring one of the least sensible challenges in the world

    Raised: $491.00

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Save Savusavu Bay  

      created on 14 Mar 2018

    EIA will support the locals to take full ownership of any development in the bay that affects their livelihoods.

    Raised: $450.00

    Goal: $2,600.00

  • Whareroa Guardians  


    Whareroa Guardians protect and develop Whareroa Farm as a reserve for environmental and heritage conservation and public enjoyment, by work