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  • Help for Adventurous Hugo  

      created on 27 May 2017

    Hugo has Cerebral Palsy and an operation overseas would give him a better chance of living a more normal life.

    Raised: $54,362.70

    Goal: $120,000.00

  • Life for my Wife  

      12 days to go

    Terminal young mother of 2 desperately needs specialized treatment that is currently unfunded in NZ to give her more time with her Family

    Raised: $50,252.00

    Goal: $60,000.00

  • Di & Brooklyn  

      created on 20 Apr 2018

    To help financially support both Diana & Brooklyn to receive the best care & treatment for their respective medical conditions.

    Raised: $44,009.41

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Frankie Miller  

      created on 11 Dec 2017

    To raise money for Frankie's family while they are out of their hometown receiving cancer treatment for their little girl.

    Raised: $42,495.00

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Kate ❤️ Joe ❤️ Ruby ❤️  

      5 days to go

    Please help support Kate, Joe and Ruby during this difficult time while Ruby is in NICU and Kate recovers from major heart surgery

    Raised: $39,955.00

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Cure for Millie  

      created on 21 Apr 2018

    Miss a Merlot for Millie. How much would you pay to remain alive?

    Raised: $39,060.40

    Goal: Open Goal