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  • Chalky's Chairs 

      created on 14 Dec 2017

    Together we will raise funds for the 1st XV specialist oncology chairs for Christchurch Hospital, Chalky's Chairs.

    Raised: $18,760.09

    Goal: $100,000.00

  • Felix's Lucky Fin 

      created on 08 Oct 2015

    Felix was born with Microtia Atresia, a malformed right ear and absent ear canal. Please help us get him to the US for life-changing surgery…

    Raised: $18,760.00

    Goal: $60,000.00

  • Aneliese’s Life List 

      created on 03 Jan 2018

    14 year old Aneliese is incurable and time is of an essence. Please help us with her life list.

    Raised: $18,181.00

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Mesh Removal Surgery for Christine Williams 

      created on 02 Sep 2016

    My name is Christine Williams. I need a specialist operation to remove a TOT mesh implant that is migrating and cutting through my pelvis.

    Raised: $18,145.00

    Goal: $70,000.00

  • Jacqueline Hill family fund 

      7 days to go

    To support Jacqueline Hill and her family through a diagnosis of terminal cancer.

    Raised: $17,492.67

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Support for Carolyn and Doug 

      created on 26 Nov 2017

    To show our dear and most amazing friend Carolyn and her husband Doug support and love from their friends family across the world

    Raised: $17,142.22

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Please help Mon fight on to 40. And beyond! 

      created on 10 Dec 2017

    Breast Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Li-Fraumeni Syndrome ' the killer gene'. Now Acute Myeloid Leukaemia. Mighty-Mon needs your help!

    Raised: $16,918.00

    Goal: Open Goal